Keeping kids safe in the summer

Summer is supposed to be fun for kids but summer is the time when emergency rooms see more accidental deaths in children including drowning, heat related injuries and sun burns.

The following are some things to think about in the summer to avoid tragic accidents:
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Swimming Pool Accidents
– Many people think that pool parties are safe because there are many adults around. The truth of the matter is that adults can be very preoccupied at parties. At parties, a safety monitor should be designated who’s job is to be “life guard” at the pool. Another safety measure is to move excess pool toys and inflatables out of the water so that they do not block the view.

Floaties and life vests in swimming pools — These devices often give a false sense of security and can slip off or not keep a child’s head out of the water. Adult supervision is still required.

Drowning — A child can drown is a matter of a minute or two. Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death in children between 1 and 14.

Sunburns – Many people have the misconception that you cannot get a burn on a cloudy day. However, on on cloudy days UV exposure can be very harmful and sunscreen, hats and protective clothing should be used.

Heat stroke — heat stroke and exhaustion can happen early in the season before the high temperatures of mid-July and August because many people haven’t become acclimatized to the temperature.

Car Temperature – The inside temperature of a car can quickly rise to more than 170 when the outside temperature is between 80 to 100 degrees. Children can suffer brain damage or heat stroke at these high temperatures so never leave a child in a car alone.

Children left in cars — Every year, between 15 and 25 children are accidentally left in the back seat of their parents or caregivers cars and die due to heat. We did not see these types of accidents before child seats were moved to the back. Visual clues or seat monitors should be used to avoid this type of tragic accident.

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