King County targets speeders, patrols write more than 1,200 tickets between July 15 – August 7

Speeding is a huge factor in traffic accidents and speeding was the leading contributing cause for car accidents in Washington State. In 2009, there were 8,744 traffic accidents in King County alone where speeding was a contributing factor.

Speeding can be deadly because it increases a driver’s stopping distance, reduces maneuverability around curves and increases the distance a driver travels when reacting to situations such as cars stopping ahead of them. Speeding is also associated with other risky behaviors such as drinking and driving, aggressive driving and distracted driving.

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission has been working on changing driver behavior in an effort to reduce traffic accidents. To that end, they helped fund King County Target Zero Task Force which provided extra law enforcement patrols that specifically targeted speeding drivers.

The Seattle
reports that between July 15 and August 7, the emphasis patrols wrote 1,245 speeding tickets and also made three DUI arrests, three felony arrests, four aggressive driving violations, 15 cell phone citations, six seat belt tickets, 50 uninsured motorist tickets and 15 suspended/revoked license violations.

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