Lacey red light cameras reduces accidents at one intersection

The city of Lacey installed a red-light camera at the corner of Pacific Avenue and Sleater-Kinney Road on June 1st, 2008. Lacey was the first city in Thurston County to install the cameras which enable police to cite drivers who run red lights.

seattle car accident attorneyAccident data has been compiled and it shows that the red-light cameras have been effective in reducing the number of car accidents at the intersection where they were installed. Since the camera was installed in June of 2008, there has only been one accident at the intersection. When comparing that car accident statistic with previous years, the cause-and-effect are apparent. In 2006, there were 16 car accidents at that intersection; in 2007, there were 21 car accidents; and in 2008, there were 18 car accidents including seven injury-accidents.

Lacey police have issued 4,067 red-light tickets since the cameras were installed. The fine for running a red-light is $124. In 2009, the police are issuing fewer tickets as driver behavior seem to have changed and fewer people are running red lights.

Now that the red-light camera statistics are available, other cities in Thurston County — including Olympia — are considering installing the cameras at intersections where there have been a lot of collisions.

Information for this article is from The Olympian.

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