Logging Truck Driver from Chehalis, Washington Dies in Oregon Accident

A logging truck driver from Chehalis, Washington was killed on March 13th in Rockaway Beach, Oregon after the truck — laden with logs — that he was driving veered off of Highway 101 near Rockaway Beach in Oregon. The Bend Weekly reported that Dale E. Pickett, the truck driver, was killed at the scene. Oregon State Patrol troopers from nearby Tillamook are investigating the cause of the truck accident. It appears that the logs shifted into the cab of the truck, killing Pickett upon impact. Highway 101 was closed for nearly four hours after the accident.

Large truck accidents killed 62 people in Oregon State and 63 people in Washington State in 2006 according to the United States Department of Transportation. There are many factors that can cause a truck accident. Leading causes include:

• Fatigued or overly-tired operator • Improper securing of the load • Mechanical failure • Illegal maneuver • Distraction • Prescription or over-the-counter drug use • Excessive speed • Unfamiliarity with the road or bad roads
The majority of truck accidents, however, are caused by someone driving a smaller vehicle. Often the smaller vehicle driver will commit one of the following errors:

• Driving in the truck’s blind spot • Cutting into a lane in front of a large truck • Failure to keep a distance between the passenger vehicle and truck
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