Lost & unsecured loads can cause car accidents

Making a trip to the dump? Transporting furniture for a friend? Make sure your load is secured or you will be breaking the law. In Washington State, if you carry a load that is not secure, you may receive a fine from between $216-$5,000 and possible jail time. Vehicle Code RCW 46.61.655 is the statute covering lost or unsecured loads.

Every year in Washington State, over 12 million pounds of refuse end up on interstate, state and county roads. Litter is an eyesore, harms wildlife and puts motorists at risk. Each year more than 400 traffic accidents in Washington State are caused by unsecured loads.

People often have the misconception that if they are carrying something heavy in their pickup truck, they don’t need to tie it down. While a couch or refrigerator is not likely to blow out of a truck, the momentum of heavy objects when a vehicle stops can have disastrous consequences.

If you witness an item falling off a vehicle, you should call 911 immediately.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or a loved one killed because of the hazard caused by a lost load, you should contact a personal injury attorney to insure your rights are protected. The Farber Law Group has more than 30 years experience in representing people with serious injuries due to the negligence of another person.

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