Man injured in motorcycle accident with bear near Yakima

Every year, 1.5 million motor vehicle accidents are caused by collisions with deer. Although Washington State is not in the top 10 of collisions with deer, running into wildlife is a common problem in our State. Every year, there are 150 fatalities nation-wide caused by collisions with deer and other animals and around 10,000 injuries
However, the story we saw in the Yakima Herald is the first we’ve seen, “Bear vs. Motorcycle — Bear wins.” According to the article, a 46-year-old Yakima-area man was riding his motorcycle when he went around a curve and saw a bear. In trying to avoid the bear, he lost control of his motorcycle and crashed, injuring his ribs.

The bear seemed to be uninjured and it took off.

Motorcyclists are at most risk with collisions with deer and other animals. 85% of deer-motorcycle collisions end up with human fatalities.

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