Man loses legs in car accident after Deputy Sheriff runs stop sign

The Washington State Patrol, in a media release, said they are investigating a four-car accident in which a pedestrian — a 59-year-old Arlington man — was seriously injured, requiring the amputation of both of his legs. The accident occurred on April 17 at the intersection of 23rd Street and Rockefeller Avenue at 11:45am.

The WSP is asking any accident witnesses to call Detective Sergeant Jerry Cooper at (425) 508-0602 or Detective Ed Collins at (425) 766-4084.

According to the release, Deputy John R. Sadro, 54, was traveling with two passenger in his marked patrol car when he apparently went through the stop sign causing a chain reaction of accidents.

The patrol car was struck by a Honda Element which caused the patrol car to spin around and strike a Ford truck. The owner of the truck was outside his truck and was pinned between the patrol car and the truck. He was taken to Harborview Medical center in Seattle where the surgical staff was unable to save his legs after multiple surgeries.

Investigators are seeking to determine what caused the officer to run the stop sign. They WSP has not yet released information on whether the officer was on a call and had his siren and/or lights on at the time of the accident.

Car Accident Claims Involving a Police Officer or State or City Agency

When a police officer or other public employee causes a motor vehicle accident, there are some special considerations involved because in some cases, state agencies can be immune to civil lawsuits. Often, when a governmental entity is sued, claims are sometimes limited to modest insurance limits.

Often cases involving law enforcement are very complex and therefore it is important to contact an experienced personal injury attorney to find all applicable insurance coverage to obtain compensation that the victim deserves for their losses.

In this case, an experienced personal injury attorney should fight for compensation including medical costs, rehabilitation costs, loss of wages, prosthetics, home modifications and compensation for the loss of limbs.

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