Man misses injury in unsecured load accident on I-5 at Boeing Field

An Edmonds man, John Woods, age 65, narrowly missed injury when a steel rod came loose from a vehicle and impaled Wood’s windshield.

The lost load accident occurred on south bound Interstate 5 at Boeing Field reports a Washington State Patrol media release. The Patrol is investigating this accident and several other cases of lost loads.

Washington State Vehicle Code RCW 46.61.655 is a statute which covers lost or unsecured loads. It prescribes fines of from $216 to 5,000 and possible jail time if a person is injured or killed due to a lost load.

In Washington State, over 12 million pounds of refuse end up on interstate, state and country roads every year. The refuse puts motorists at risk and every year more than 400 traffic accidents are caused by unsecured loads.

Heavy objects like couches or refrigerators can have disastrous consequences if they land on a motor vehicle traveling at high speeds.

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