Man with 10 DUIs to go to jail

The Everett Herald Net reports that Todd Olson has been convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) ten times. He also has three hit-and-run convictions and 14 convictions for driving with a suspended license. Now he is going to prison for seven years.

Because of a 2007 law that says that a person with more than five DUIs in 10 years, Olson is going to be spending seven years in prison for felony drunken driving, hit-and-run and first degree driving with a suspended license after a car accident in May according to the Herald Net. He is the first person in Snohomish County to be convicted under the new felony DUI law. Drunken driving is usually treated as a gross misdemeanor with prison sentences of one year.

Olson, who has struggled with alcoholism for years, started drinking beer as a boy.

With more than 18,000 people killed a year in alcohol related automobile accidents, it seems like the Court had no alternative but to take Olson off the street before he kills someone.

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