Man with epilepsy charged with ‘vehicular homicde’ in car accident that killed Edmonds man

Ben Garnet Holt, 69, of Edmonds, has been charged with vehicular homicide in the November car accident that killed John Spudich, 62, also of Edmonds.

According to The Seattle Times, Holt was driving at speeds of up to 70 mph when he rear-ended Spudich’s minivan as Spudich was stopped at a red light.

Washington state vehicle code RCW 46.61.520 – Vehicular Homicide – states that a driver can be charged if a person is killed in a car accident and the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving recklessly or driving without regard for the safety of others.

In bringing the charges, the Snohomish County prosecutors office said that Holt had a history of motor vehicle accidents, did not possess a valid driver’s license and was heavily medicated with anticonvulsant medications at the time.

When a driver is charged with Vehicular Homicide, he or she is tried by the State of Washington. In addition, the family of a person killed as a result of Vehicular Homicide can bring a suit for wrongful death.

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