Marijuana and drugged driving

733342_rolled_cigarette.jpgBoth Colorado and Washington voters have given the OK for marijuana to be sold for recreational use. It appears that Colorado is ahead of Washington in terms of establishing pot shops. Many cities in Washington are still struggling to draft their city ordinances regulating sales and, while Seattle has some pot shops open, Bellevue still does not have a single pot store.

City officials in Washington are looking to Colorado in seeing how legalization is working, what regulations need to be written and the impact of the new laws.

While far reaching studies are not yet available, there does appear to be an increase in dangerous and erratic driving when driving under the influence of marijuana.

ABC news correspondent Clayton Sandell reports that Colorado state troopers have written almost 230 tickets for “driving high” and the number of drivers involved in fatal accidents testing positive for marijuana has doubled since the recreational pot law was passed. Compare this with 3,100 citations for driving while under the influence of alcohol.

While we have a concrete blood-alcohol limit in which we can determine a driver is impaired, it’s not as clear with marijuana. Washington State has set a limit; a THC-blood level of 5 nanograms or more means that you are impaired. However, a driver could be impaired at far lesser levels. For some drivers, a single hit could make one intoxicated. For others users who ingest food products with marijuana in them, effects can take an hour or more before the person starts to feel effects.

Washington law is very clear : if you injure or kill a person while operating a motor vehicle and you were driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you could be convicted of Vehicular Assault or Vehicular Homicide and face felony charges.

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