Members of King’s High School boys basketball team injured in weekend bus accident

Ten of 16 people on board a school bus carrying the King’s High School basketball team from Shoreline were injured after the bus overturned on an off-ramp on Interstate 5 at Mountlake Terrace reports KOMO News.

The school bus accident occurred Saturday night as the bus exited Interstate 5 to Highway 104 and rolled onto its side.

The passengers suffered injuries including scrapes, bruises, a contusion and a broken arm.

The bus driver said the brakes on the bus failed. Some witnesses reported the bus traveling too fast as it exited the freeway but the bus driver says that the brakes on the bus had failed.

While hundreds of thousands of students ride school buses every year, fatal school bus accidents are relatively year. However, there are up to 12,000 children injured every year in school bus accidents. In an accident like this, people ask, “Why don’t school buses have seatbelts.”

Most experts say that seat belts do not make school buses any safer. Riding in a school bus is actually 40 times safer than riding in a car and htat is because of the seat compartments that have high backs and are padded. The other factor that makes school buses safer is that passengers are riding higher up than in a passenger vehicle.

Thankfully, no members of the King’s High School basketball team was critically injured.

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