Micro cars not too smart when it comes to accidents

The Seattle Times published a report today about the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety crash tests of some of the mini/micro/smart cars on the market today. Crash test results studies showed that drivers of the micro vehicles face a much higher rate of serious leg and head injuries in front-end car accidents with larger vehicles than people riding in cars often twice as heavy.

The IISHS tested the following cars:tacoma car accident lawyer

  • Smart “fortwo”
  • Honda Fit
  • Toyota Yaris

The IIHS created their tests to simulate a high speed head-on crashes of the micro cars in collisions with vehicles such as a Mercedes C Class, a Honda Accord and a Toyota Camry. The vehicles were tested at collision speeds of 40 miles per hour.

In a auto accident involving the Smart fortwo and the Mercedes C class, the Smart car “went airborne and turned around 450 degrees after striking the C class,” reports The Times. The Mercedes came out of the accident relatively unscathed but the fortwo suffered extensive front-end damage and its driver would have received serious injuries.

With higher gasoline prices, many Washington state residents are purchasing the micro cars but one wonders if the trade-off is worth it when it comes to safety in serious accidents.

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