Motorcycle accident deaths at lowest since 1997

The Governors Highway Safety Association released the preliminary finding of a study which reports that motorcycle accident deaths are at their lowest since 1997. The report found that after 11 years of increasing motorcycle accident fatalities, in 2009 motorcycle accident deaths declined by 10% or more.

The report cited some reasons for the the decline in fatalities including:

  • less motorcycle leisure riding
  • fewer beginning riders
  • increased awareness of motorcycle safety programs
  • and poor weather in some states which reduced riding hours.

Motorcycle sales dropped by 42 percent in 2009 because of the economy so there were fewer novice riders out there is one reason for the drop in deaths speculates the report.

The report recommends that more progress can be made if riders do the following:

  • wear approved helmets
  • don’t drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • reduce speeding
  • take approved motorcycle training courses

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Governors Highway Safety Association New Study: Motorcycle Deaths Down Dramatically in 2009

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