Motorists changing their attitudes towards red light cameras

In a new study sponsored by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, two-thirds of drivers in 14 big cities with red light camera programs give a thumbs up to the use of the cameras. This comes after an Institute study which found that, in the cities where the red light cameras are used, red light running car accidents have been reduced by 24%.
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Public perception has not always supported the use of red light cameras and there is a vocal group that contends that red light cameras are solely a money making proposition for the cities. However, the studies indicate that motorists change their driving habits and that there are fewer car accidents in all intersections, not just the ones where the red light camera is installed.

Red light running often results in a T-bone or broadside accident. In these types of car accidents, vehicle damage is often huge and passenger injuries are much more severe than when a similar car is involved in a rear-end or front accident.

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