Multiple collisions on West Seattle Bridge caused by de-icer

seattle car accident lawyerThe West Seattle Bridge was closed for a few hours on Monday afternoon after several vehicles spun out and crashed near the bridge after a de-icer was applied to the road bed. According to The Seattle Times, vehicles apparently spun out on the slippery de-icer.

The City also said that speeding may have been a factor in the wrecks.

De-icer contains magnesium chloride, a liquid salt compound, and is slippery until it crystallizes. Usually, the city crews only apply the de-icer at night but applied the de-icer around noon in this case because of impending freezing temperatures.

Unfortunately, road construction and maintenance risk the lives of motorists and workers every day. The car accident attorneys at The Farber Law Group assists car accidents victims who have been insured because of an unsafe work zone.

Nationally, car accidents involving roadways which abruptly drop off at the pavement edge kills 160 people and injures more than 11,000. Approximately 4,700 Americans are killed in highway work zones and 200,000 were injured in the past five years.

Other roadway hazards including potholes, railroad tracks and sewer grates pose a hazards to motorists on a daily basis. When roadwork is ongoing, there are temporary disruptions including street level changes, oil, and loose gravel on the road which can pose an extreme hazard especially to bicyclists and motorcyclists.

In the case of this accident in the West Seattle Bridge the de-icer was applied without safety measures which would have slowed down drivers until the de-icer crystallized.

It is incumbent on the entities that are responsible for road maintenance to provide proper signage, proper lane striping and to warn motorists of roadway defects or hazards.

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