Olympia man pleads guilty in hit-and-run car accident

Robert Ottoboni, 34, of Olympia pleaded guilty to Vehicular Assault and hit-and-run driving in Thurston County Superior Court. Ottoboni was involved in a car accident on June 23 on Yelm Highway which critically injured a 4-year-old boy and seriously injured a 10-year-old boy. Ottoboni was rushing his dog to the veterinarian and was driving recklessly when he hit a car in which the boys were passengers.

The Olympian reports the boys’ family provided the court with victim-impact statements which described their son’s injuries and the fact that the 4-year-old requires several reconstructive facial surgeries.

It is not clear whether Ottoboni was intoxicated at the time of the accident though he did admit that he had consumed several beers before the accident.

Vehicular Assault can be charged if a person is seriously injured in a car accident and the driver was under the influence, driving recklessly or driving with disregard to the safety of others. Ottoboni will be sentenced on October 22 and could serve up to 10 years n prison.

Ottoboni’s attorney, James Dixon, said that Ottoboni is remorseful about the accident and he pleaded guilty to two felonies without seeking a plea agreement.

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