“Passengers” theme during National Teen Driver Safety Week

October 19-25 is National Teen Driver Safety week.

Every day people die in car accidents across the Nation. The National Transportation Safety Board provides the following teenage driving statistics: the fatality rate for teenage drivers, those between 16-19 years old, is four times higher than the 25-69 age group; Every year, 7,000 teenagers are involved in fatal car crashes.

Ride Like a Friend

This year, the Theme of the National Teen Driver Safety Week is “Passengers.” The “Ride Like a Friend” web-site is dedicated to helping get the point across that distractions to a driver may cause accidents. It raises awareness that teenagers should “Drive Like a Friend” and “Ride Like a Friend.” The site allows a teenager to draft a list of Rules to be used in their own car. We highly recommend that you sit down with your teenager and review the web-site with them and help them set the rules of the car.

The Graduated Driver’s License in Washington State restricts the number of passengers a teenage driver can ferry and this is one excellent way to reduce distractions. When the graduated licenses was instituted, accidents by 16-year-old teenagers were reduced by 11%.

Other Factors in Teenage Deaths

  • Seat Belts – teenagers have the lowest seat belt use of any population
  • Emotions – teenagers need to work on their emotions and not drive when they are upset.
  • Drowsy Driving – teenagers often do not get enough sleep and fatigue is just as dangerous as drinking
  • Alcohol & Drug Usage – Around 64 percent of teens involved in a car accident have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher even though the use of alcohol for this age group is illegal. While teens are less likely to drink and drive than adults, their crash risk is far greater even when they have a low BAC.

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