Pedestrian accidents up 23% in Oregon, Woodinville man killed this past weekend

Robert Espeseth, 58, of Woodinville was killed in a pedestrian accident his past weekend as he crossed from one side of a bridge to the other to view the Portland Fall Classic rowing event. His wife, Cynthia Espeseth, was rowing with the Sammamish Rowing Association in the event.

Espeseth died of multiple injuries including traumatic brain injury and injuries. Police are investigating the accident and the driver of the car that hit Espeseth said that Espeseth just appeared in front of his car and he his car slid when he hit the brakes.

The Oregon department of Transportation reports that pedestrian accident deaths are up 23% over the same period as last year. This is a worrisome trend.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that October, November and Decembers are the most dangerous for pedestrians in part due to the shorter daylight hours. The NHTSA recommends the following tips to avoid a pedestrian accidents:

  • Pedestrians, whenever possible, should use marked and unmarked crosswalks at intersections to cross the street.
  • Drivers must yield the right of way to pedestrians crossing streets.
  • Pedestrians should make themselves visible at night by wearing reflective clothing and carrying a flashlight.
  • Pedestrians are advised to walk on sidewalk, and if one is not available, to walk facing traffic.

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