Pedestrian Danger in Bellevue, Washington near Sammamish High School

Bellevue, Washington city officials have been warned in a series of e-mails about a speeding problem along Main Street between 140th Avenue Northeast and 156th Avenue Northeast. The Seattle Times reporter Charles Brown reported that Jim Cox a long time resident of East Bellevue has tradied e-mails with Bellevue for more than a year. Cox says often cars exceed the 25mph speed limit. Bellevue city officials says that speeding is a problem in that stretch of road and that they have given 400 tickets in one 12-month period and 600 in another 12-month period. The section of road where the speeding is occurring is in the vicinity of Sammamish High School.

Cox has suggested that the City of Bellevue needs to install overhead signs above crosswalks and signs in the median to alert drivers. Charles Bush, an aide in the city manager’s office, wrote, “Let me assure you we are in the process of making improvements but that there are challenges faced by our engineering staff that have impacted the schedule for accomplishing the improvements.”

The City of Bellevue says they are not ignoring Cox’s warnings about the speeding drivers.

Every year, 100,000 pedestrians are injured and approximately 5,900 pedestrians are killed by drivers of cars. Young children and the elderly are often the victims of a pedestrian accident.

pedestrian danger in bellevue

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