Pedestrian safety: safety tips if your vehicle becomes disabled on a roadway

In the past few years, motor vehicle accidents deaths have been declining in every area except pedestrian accidents. In the past three years in Washington State, there have been 61 pedestrian killed in each of the three years.

Here are some pedestrian safety tips if your vehicle becomes disabled on the side of the road. Far too often, we have read reports of pedestrians killed in and around the greater Seattle metropolitan area when their vehicle became disabled on the I-5 or I-450.

Pedestrian safety tips

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  1. If your vehicle becomes disabled, try to get it completely off the roadway so that you are safe when changing the tire, tending to your vehicle or waiting for help.
  2. Be aware of traffic and never turn your back to traffic.
  3. If your car is disabled and you are waiting for help, stay in your car and keep your seat belt on in case your car is hit.
  4. If you exit your car, stand far away from the roadway and behind a barrier or guardrail if one is near.
  5. Avoid standing behind or between cars.
  6. Do not try to run across a highway.
  7. Even if you have to walk further, only cross at crosswalks.
  8. Assume drivers do not see you.

This information is provided by Seattle Car Accident Lawyer blog, a service of The Farber Law Group. We represent people who have been seriously injured in pedestrian accidents and the family of those who have been killed.

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