Percentage of fatal accidents among older drivers declines

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has released a report stating that while the number of older motorists — ages 70 and older — has increased about 10% the number of fatal accidents in this age group has decreased by 21%. The report covers a period of 10 years, 1997-2006. The report compares the age 70+ group with drivers between the ages of 35-54 years of age and said the 70+ age group had a greater decline in fatal car accidents in the same time frame.

Statistics show that per mile traveled, car accidents and fatal crashes begin increasing around 70 years of age and rise considerably after 80 years of age. This is due to slower reaction times, decreased cognitive ability, vision impairments and medical conditions.

One or the largest decreases in fatal accidents among the elderly were multiple car accidents in intersections. Statistically, this is an area where the elderly tend to have more accidents.

renton car accident lawyerThe report speculates that the reasons fatal accidents have declined among the elderly may be partially due to newer and safer automobiles along with the elderly self-limiting their driving including:

  • Driving fewer miles
  • Making fewer trips
  • Avoiding night driving
  • Driving shorter distances
  • Avoiding interstate highways
  • Avoiding driving in adverse weather conditions including snow and ice

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