Remove snow and ice from car top to prevent accidents

Western Washington, including Seattle, Bellevue, Everett and Kent have been inundated with snow this past week making roads slippery and treacherous for all motorists who venture out. West of the Cascade Mountains, people don’t seem to take the necessary precautions when driving in snowy conditions. As I drive around town, I see people driving around with sometimes up to a half a foot of snow on top of their car. Ice and snow covered cars are can cause serious problems and car accidents.

Police officers see ice and snow on top a car a safety concern and they see that it causes accidents. Flying ice from the roof of a car has been known to hit the following vehicle and crack a windshield. In other cases, flying snow and ice can cause other motorists to swerve, causing an accident. Ice from the top of a car can also slide down onto a driver’s windshield impairing visibility.

Before you drive:

  • Clear the snow from your hood and car top
  • Clean your headlights
  • Fill up on windshield fluid
  • Defrost your windshields

Take a few extra minutes to prevent that accident. While police officers may not ticket you for driving around with snow piled atop your car, you are liable if it causes an accident or damages some one’s car.

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