Road rage study: Seattle drivers polite but we also have some bad driving habits

A new study published by AutoVantage, 2014 In The Driver’s Seat Road Rage Survey, Seattle drivers are more polite than most of the other 25 cities studied.

Seattle drivers are least likely to honk their horns. We also are less likely to “flip the bird” and to do other crude gestures like showing the middle finger or shaking a fist at other drivers, according to the survey.

While Seattle drivers rank 7th out of the 25 big cities studied in polite driving behavior, we also tend to be discourteous and we are the 4th worst for cutting across lanes of traffic without signaling.

Today was a case study of that dangerous lane cutting behavior when a motorist driving a Volvo cut-off a gravel truck on Interstate 5. The semi truck driver crashed into a jersey barrier as he avoided striking two motorcyclists. The gravel truck turned over, caught on fire, resulting in southbound Interstate 5 near I-90 to be shutdown this morning.

The gravel truck driver is a hero in this accident as, by all accounts, he maneuvered the truck to save lives and got out of his truck as it burst into flames.

Unsafe Lane Changes Often Causes Motor Vehicle Accidents

Unsafe lane changes is whenever a driver moves out of their existing lane into another lane without signaling they are going to change lanes, thus endangering the other motorist.

The at-fault driver, like the Volvo this morning, most likely did not check the other lanes before the lane change.

Unsafe lane changes can result in rear-end collisions, side impact accidents, and in the case of the accident this morning, a rollover accident.

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