School bus accident in downtown Olympia injures one

washington school bus accident lawyerOne child was taken to Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia after a school bus accident in downtown Olympia around 2pm today reports The Olympian. The injured student was under observation after a head injury.

According to the report, the Tumwater School District school bus collided with a Nissan Maxima at the intersection of State Avenue and Adams street. The school bus was taking students to Simmons Elementary School in Tumwater after a field trip to the Capitol. Both drivers claimed to have a green light.

The Olympia Police department is asking witnesses of the accident to contact officer Cori Schumacher at 360-753-8300.

Local authorities usually are the ones to investigate school bus accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which oversees school bus safety, usually only investigates school bus accidents with fatalities.

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School bus accidents are few when one considers the more than 9 billion school bus trips every year. American school buses are designed to protect school children even without the aid of seat belts.

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