Seat belt reminders coming to rear seats

You know that little chime that dings until you put your seat belt on? Studies show that seat belt reminder systems such has that ding increase a driver’s seat belt usage. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would like to increase the seat belt reminders to increase seat belt usage in rear seats as well, where children are most likely to be sitting.

seattle car accident attorneyA new law, MAP-21 “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21-st Century,” authorizes the NHTSA to initiate rules within the next two years which would require auto manufacturers to install seat belt reminders in the rear seats as well.

Seat belt usage does save lives. A 2010 study found that driver death rates were 6% lower in vehicles with enhanced seat belt reminders. Another study found that seat belt reminder systems that had chimes for 90 seconds were more effective than ones with shorter chime duration.

In Washington state, we have the highest seat belt usage in the nation at 97.5% compliance. Perhaps with rear seat belt reminders and longer buzzers and chimes we will get to 100% compliance and save lives and serious injuries in car accidents.

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