Seat Belts save Lives in Washington Car Accidents

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) is celebrating 1,010 lives saved due to the “Click it or Ticket” law passed in June 2002.

bellevue car accident lawyerSince the seat belt law went into effect, seat belt usage has increased from 82% to 97.5%, making Washington state one of the state’s with the highest seat belt usage rates in the United States.

Last year, there were 455 deaths attributed to car crashes, compared with 658 deaths in 2002. Seat belt usage along with safety improvements in cars including high-tech air bagsand DUI enforcement is credited with this number going death.

Not only does seat belt use increase a person’s chances of surviving a car accident but it reduces the risk of a head or brain injury by 80%.

The Washington State Patrol is not content with 97.5% seat belt compliance and that is why they periodically conduct emphasis patrol in search of drivers and passengers who are not buckled. The WSP uses the emphasis patrol to remind drivers to buckle up.

Bellevue Car Accident Attorney Represents Seriously Injured People

The Farber Law Group urges all motorists to wear seat belts, even on short trips as they do save lives.

Unfortunately, some people are still seriously injured or killed in car accidents despite seat belts and other safety devices. Sometimes innocent people are victims of those who are negligent or choose to drive while impaired.

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