Sea-Tac airport taxi driver charged with Vehicular Homicide

Waleligne A. Afele, a driver for Stita Taxi, has been charged with Vehicular Homicide due to the car accident death of David Doerr, 43, near SeaTac airport in November of 2009.

According to a report in the Seattle PI, Afele made an unsafe lane change on Interstate 5 when he realized he was missing the Route 518 airport exit. Afele started a chain reaction of events when attempted to cross several lane of traffic to make the Route 518 exit. Afele hit the Toyota Land Cruiser that Doerr was driving, causing it to roll on to its roof and it was hit by another vehicle.

Washington State vehicle code RCW 46.61.520 — Vehicular Homicide — provides that a driver can be charged with vehicular homicide if a person is killed in a car accident and a driver was driving without regard for the safety of others or driving recklessly. Investigators say there was no evidence that Afele was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the taxi accident.

Some people writing into the P-I blog feel that the taxi fare system is partially at fault. They say, taxi drivers charge per mile but they want to get in as many fares as possible during their driving time and many of them driver aggressively to do so.

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