Seattle City Council question Transportation Dept head about excessive potholes

The Seattle City Council questioned Director Peter Hahn, Seattle’s Transportation head, about the excessive number of potholes on Seattle streets.

Hahn told the Council that the Department has a backlog of fixing potholes in the “middle hundreds,” reports The Seattle Times. (Editors note: Is that 500 or more? Curious he used that language.)
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Hahn believes that the $20 increase in car tab fees will enable the Transportation Dept. to have the funds to reduce the backlog of potholes requiring repair.

In the meantime, dangerous potholes in Seattle can cause automobile accidents. Drivers have complained that potholes damage their vehicles and can cause a car accident when a motorist swerves to avoid them.

Personal injury claim
can be brought as a result of Seattle pothole accidents, however, they are sometimes difficult to prosecute. To seek damages for a pothole accident one must determine who is responsible for maintaining the roadway and also provide evidence that the city had prior written notice about the pothole’s existence. Cities and counties do have a duty of care to ensure that highways and streets are maintained to ensure public safety.

If you were involved in a car accident resulting in significant damages, then it behooves you to seek compensation from the municipality. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you determine if a case exists.

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