Seattle injury attorney on “Avoiding Pedestrian Accidents”

Pedestrian accidents seem like an epidemic with more than 100,000 pedestrians being injured every year and 5,999 being killed. Accident statistics tell us that it is the young and the old that are the most likely victims. In King County, nearly 25% of pedestrians hit by a car were severely injured or died and more than 38% suffered “incapacitating or evident injury,” according to the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Whether you are a pedestrian or driving a car, safety of pedestrians should be paramount.

When I was in kindergarten, we were taught “Stop, Look and Listen” before we crossed the street. Spokane County Traffic Commission has put a new spin on that saying with their campaign, “Stop, Look and Wave.” The “Wave” part of the saying really makes sense. Here’s what Spokane County is promoting:

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Driver — at crosswalks, make sure you take both curbs into account. Stop behind the crosswalk line.
Pedestrian — Be alert. Walk in marked crosswalks or at intersections of streets; don’t jaywalk.
Driver — at interesections — check for pedestrians and assume they are going to cross.
Pedestrian — Check for traffic and don’t assume drivers will see you
Driver and Pedestrian — the message here is to communicate. Give a little wave to let the other person know you see them.

Adapted from “Stop Look Wave Cross Walk Guide” – Spokane County Traffic Safety Commission.

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