Seattle personal injury attorney discusses causes of rollover car accidents

Every year, there are approximately 280,000 rollover vehicle accidents in the U.S. and approximately 10,000 of these accidents result in a fatality. Rollover accidents, those in which a vehicle tips over onto its side or roof, are some of the most deadly after head-on collisions.

Causes of rollover motor vehicle accidents

The following lists some of the most common causes of rollover accidents:


  • Excessive speed when vehicles turn a corner or travel on a hard curve. Most passenger vehicles will slide or skid in a curve or hard turn if the vehicle is traveling at excessive speed. However, SUVS, vans, pickup trucks, buses and heavy trucks have more of a tendency to rollover over because of their height, higher ground clearance and because of they are more top heavy.
  • Collision with another vehicle. Side impact car accidents are the most likely to cause a vehicle to rollover.
  • Vehicles crossing a ditch or slope. Vehicles can roll especially if they are on a slope that is steeper than 33% grade.
  • Driver over-correcting. If a driver veers out of their lane, they often over-correct – jerking the wheel back in the other direction too forcefully – causing it to flip.

Popular SUVs are more apt to rollover than other passenger cars. In one year – 2003 – Some of the vehicles with the worst rollover record are Ford Broncos II, Suzuki Samurai, Jeep CJ, Ford E-Series, Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero and Isuzu Trooper.

Vehicle manufacturers are working hard to improve vehicle designs to both decrease the likelihood of a rollover accident and to improve the roof structure of the vehicle to protect the occupants from being crushed in a rollover accident.

Seatbelts also play a crucial role in saving lives in rollover car accidents. Seatbelts prevent passengers from being ejected in a rollover accident.

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