Seattle to install first “bike box” for bicycle safety

Seattle is installing a traffic safety device — a “bike box” — at the crosswalk at East Pine Street and 12th Avenue in downtown. If all goes well, bike boxes will be installed at East Madison Street eastbound and westbound at 12th Avenue, and Seventh Avenue South northbound at South Dearborn Street reports The Seattle Times.

The “bike box” is a designated area at the head of a traffic lane which allows bicyclists to queue in front of cars at a red light. The box extends from the bicycle lane across lanes of traffic. The box is painted green as a visual reminder to drivers. The hope is that the bike boxes will reduce Seattle bicycle accidents and reduce conflicts. Research has shown that there are less conflicts between motorists and bicyclists where the bike boxes have been installed according to the Seattle Bike Blog.
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Bicycle boxes are designed to make cycling safer by:

  • making bicyclists more visible
  • insuring that cars due not turn across a bicyclist’s path.

Bicycle boxes are already in use in Eugene and Portland, Oregon, New York City, Baltimore, Minneapolis and in some European cities. Apparently bike boxes in other cities have proven to be a great success.

Approximately 540,000 bicyclists were seen at Emergency Rooms due to bicycle accident injuries. Bicycle-car accidents can result in serious injuries including traumatic brain injuries, broken bones and death. Washington state law, RCW 46.61.755, provides that a bicyclist has all rights and responsibilities of that of a driver. Approximately 700 bicyclist die every year in accidents and two-thirds of those suffered a traumatic brain injury.

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