Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square pergola hit by semi — again

For those of us that live and work around the greater Seattle area, I wanted to mention this news item that I read in The Seattle Post Intelligencer today.

In historic Pioneer Square in the heart of Seattle, there is a glass and cast wrought iron pergola in a Victorian style which was built in 1909 as a waiting area. In 2001, an 18-wheeled semi clipped the pergola and it came crashing down into thousands of pieces. It took Seidelhuber Iron & Bronze Works of Seattle six months to rebuild the pergola to today’s construction standards and they also built a traffic bollard to protect the pergola.

This past Sunday, a semi-trailer would have taken the pergola down again in a near-accident when it made too sharp of a turn and grazed the pergola. The protective bollard that was put in place saved this structure and Seattle collectively sighed in relief.

The truck driver, driving for OJ Ventures Ltd. Of Kamloops, B.C., was too embarrassed to talk about the accident.

For those of you reading this and aren’t from Seattle, I’m including a picture of this unique landmark.
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