Small pickup trucks rated for rollover roof strength

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently conducted tests on the roof strength of small pickup trucks. Roof strength is especially important in rollover motor vehicle accidents.

The IIHS tested five small pickup trucks and found that the Nissan Frontier/Suzuki Equator has the strongest roof and earned a rating of Good. The Chevrolet Colorado was rated the worst n the group.

A rating of Good is given to vehicles that have roof strength that is twice the minimum federal standard. None of the trucks tested received the Top Safety Pick award though the Nissan Frontier came close.

The IIHS noted that 10,000 people are killed every year in the United States in rollover motor vehicle accidents. Stronger roofs save lives because they do not crush and people who are not wearing safety belts are less apt to be thrown from the vehicle because of doors or windshields opening or breaking when the roof crushes.

Small Pickup Trucks Tested

  • Nissan Frontier / Suzuki Equator – Good (4.11)
  • Ford Ranger – Acceptable (3.32)
  • Dodge Dakota – acceptable (3.23)
  • Toyota Tacoma – marginal (3.08)
  • Chevrolet Colorado / GMC Canyon – Marginal (2.86)

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