Snow and ice strands thousands of motorists in the south

winter driving tips - seattle car accident lawyerThousands of motorists were stranded in their cars and trucks overnight in parts of Georgia when a snowstorm and icy road conditions resulted in motor vehicle accidents causing gridlock. Motorists, including school children on school buses, were stuck sleeping in their cars, trucks and buses overnight, many without food.

Washington state saw snowfall over night and our mountain passes including Blewett, Stevens and Snoqualmie can be hazardous when there is snow, slush and ice on the roadway. Our mountain passes can be closed during winter by the Washington State Department of Transportation for snow removal, during periods of low visibility, for motor vehicle accidents and for avalanche control.

Tips for Preparing to Drive Washington’s Passes

The plight of motorists in the south is headline news and so we thought we’d take this opportunity to remind drivers to prepare for travelling our mountain passes during winter storms.

  1. Check the WSDOT website before embarking on your trip to check on road conditions. If the roadways are bad, try to postpone your trip. The website provides you webcams and an interactive map is continually being updated with road conditions.
  2. Make sure your fuel tank is full prior to driving. If you have to wait out a storm, fuel can be used to heat your car.
  3. Bring chains even if they are not required. Sometimes more snow can fall than predicted. Without chains, you may not be able to continue over tehe pass.
  4. Pack blankets or sleeping bags in your vehicle before you leave in case you have to wait aside the road during periods of road closure. Also, pack your warm coats, gloves and hats.
  5. Bring a cell phone and make sure it is fully charged.
  6. Make sure you have some road flares in case you stop to help another motorists or in case you are involved in an accident.
  7. Pack food or snacks such as nuts and crackers. Also, pack water and place the water in a place where it will not freeze.
  8. If you are travelling with small children, pack extra diapers.

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