SPD installs speed cameras near 4 Seattle schools

The Seattle Police Department has installed speed cameras near four Seattle schools to help with enforcement of school speed zones according to a Seattle Police Department memorandum.

The cameras use a radar and issue tickets only when flashing lights mounted above the Speed Limit 20 signs are flashing. These lights typically flash in the morning and afternoon when children are arriving or leaving school.

The cameras are installed outside of the following schools:

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  • Broadview-Thomson K-8 School
  • Olympic View Elementary School in North Seattle
  • Gatewood Elementary School in West Seattle
  • Thurgood Marshall Elementary School in the Central District

Washington vehicle code, RCW 46.61.440 prohibits drivers from operating a motor vehicle in speeds in excess of 20 miles per hour when passing a marked school or playground crosswalks when children are present.

Reduced Speeds in School Zones Saves Lives

A reduction in speed around schools saves lives. The Washington Traffic Safety Commission says that if a pedestrian is hit when a vehicle is traveling 20mph or less, they have an 80% chance of survival. If a vehicle is going 27mph or faster, a pedestrian would have an 80% chance of being killed.

Safety Tips in School Zones

  • Drive 20mph or slower. If there is heavy rain, icy roads or darkness, you may need to drive even slower.
  • Do not make U-Turns or back up your vehicle near school zones because you may not see a child.
  • Stay stopped at a crosswalk until the entire crosswalk is clear.
  • Never pass a car at a crosswalk even if the driver is turning.
  • Never stop your car in a crosswalk while waiting for a child.
  • Remember that children are, well children. They might be impulsive and they may lack judgment in juding the distance of a car. Beware that child might dart out into the street.
  • Do not park closer than 20 feet to a crosswalk.
  • Make sure children exit your car on the curbside.

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