Speeding — a leading cause of car accidents in Washington

Let’s take a look at one of the major causes of car accidents: speeding. Of all accident causes, it seems like it is the most preventable. The results of speeding are devastating: nearly 30 percent of all car accident fatalities are caused by speeding, that totals nearly 13,113 lives in 2005 alone.

Why is speeding so deadly? Some reasons:

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  • Speed increases a driver’s stopping distance
  • Speed reduces your ability to maneuver around curves or things dropped in the roadway
  • Speed increases the distance a driver travels when reacting to a deadly situation such a brake lights in front of them, a deer on the highway or a child’s ball that went into the street.

Speeding is also associated with other risky behaviors. Speeding drivers are less likely to wear their seat belts, are more likely to be under the influence or drugs or alcohol and have a higher incident of not driving with a valid driver’s license.

In Washington State, the highway with the highest number of speeding cars (driving at or above 90 miles per hour) in 2007 was Interstate 90 near Preston and Issaquah. Preston reported that there were an average of 132 motor vehicles per day traveling at 90 mph or more on this one section of highway. The Washington State Patrol and local authorities have been emphasizing that area with traffic control officers.

Data shows that people are less likely to speed the older they get. It also shows that young males are more likely to speed and less likely to wear their seat belts.

A basic rule involving speeding is that you should not drive at a greater speed that is reasonable with given road conditions or other factors that might exist, regardless of the posted speed limit. For example, drive slower when roads are icy.

Basic speed laws are:

  • 25 miles per hour on city and town streets
  • 50 miles per hour on county roads
  • 60 miles per hour on state and interstate highways

Washington State takes speeding seriously and fines can be high.

If the other driver involved in your car accident was cited for excessive speed, you should contact a personal injury attorney to insure your rights are protected. Excessive speed means the other driver was negligent in their operation of a motor vehicle. In this case, you may be able to gain compensation from them for your medical costs, loss of wages, and for pain and suffering.

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