Spokane area sees 150 car accidents due to icy road conditions

The Spokesman-Review reports that there were almost 150 motor vehicle accidents in and about Spokane on Friday morning due to icy road conditions.

The report said that Interstate 90 was “littered with damaged and disabled” vehicles and was like a sheet of ice.

A freezing rain turned to ice when a storm system moved in right before 8am.

Some drivers do not know how to drive on icy roads. If at all possible, motorists should delay their driving when there are icy conditions. If you are out on the road, here are some driving tips:

  • Wear your seat belt and make sure your passengers are buckled up as well.
  • Turn on your defroster so that you have visibility.
  • When braking, turning or changing speeds, do all of these actions SLOWLY.
  • Warn other drivers of your intentions by using your turn signals and give them fair warning that you will be braking by tapping on your brakes.
  • Allow for a greater distance between yourself and other vehicles. You need more stopping room when there is ice on the roadway.
  • If you don’t have anti-lock brakes, pump your brakes slowly and gently.
  • If you skid, turn your vehicle’s wheels in the direction of the skid.
  • First and foremost: DRIVE SLOWLY.

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