Strengthened cell phone law goes in effect today; law is stricter for teen drivers

Almost everyone knows that as of today, using a handheld cell phone while driving or texting while driving is a primary offense. Police officers can and will stop you for that infraction even without another probable cause such as speeding, a broken taillight or running a red light. The fine for this infraction is $124.

Teen Drivers

A lot of people don’t know that the cell phone law is stricter for drivers age 18 and under. Teenage drivers are prohibited from using a cell phone while driving even with a hands-free device. If the teen is caught using a cell phone while driving, in addition to a $124 ticket, a letter is sent to the teen’s parents or guardians to inform them of the infraction. If the teen has two or more violations of this law, they can lose their license.

The enhanced cell phone laws is a crack down on distracted driving which is known to increase a driver’s likelihood of a car accident.

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