Tacoma 4-year-old killed in driveway pedestrian accident

A 4-year-old girl Tacoma girl named Hannah was killed around 1pm on Friday afternoon in a pedestrian accident reports The Seattle Times.

According to the report, the little girl was riding her bicycle with other children on a sidewalk in her family’s gated neighborhood. She was in the driveway of a home when the home owner drove up. The driver apparently saw the children on bikes because he stopped and waved to the kids. The children waved back and he thought they had all moved. Unfortunately, Hannah was still in the driveway but he did not see her because of the vehicle’s blind spot. He drove forward and ran over her. She died shortly afterward at Harborview Medical Center.

This tragic accident that affects the entire community where Hannah lived.

Driveway accidents are far too common. “Frontover” and “backover” accidents occur approximately 2,400 times a year according to a Centers for Disease Control Study. Most victims are under the age of one. 44% of all children killed in nontraffic fatalities are killed in backover accidents. Often the vehicle is driven by a parent, a relative or a friend. It can be impossible for drives to see small children, especially if they are directly behind the vehicle.

The danger of a frontover accident increases with the size of the vehicle. Large vehicles have more frontover accidents because the blind zones extend farther in larger cars. The higher and wider the vehicle is increases the blind spot.

You might want to check out KidsandCars.org for more information about child safety.

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