Tacoma woman killed in car accident, her second within minutes

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that a Tacoma, Washington woman, Peggy Schierman, was killed in a roll-over car accident on State Route 16 near Gig Harbor around 5:30pm yesterday. Schierman drove her car across several lanes and went through a cable barrier, rolling her ’96 Ford Explorer. She was killed in the accident.

This accident occurred a short time after the Schierman was involved in a minor accident at the Olympic Village Shopping center. In that incident, police were called to the scene and they administered a Breathalyzer test after the other motorist involved accused Schierman of being drunk. The result was negative. Schierman told officers she would get a ride home.

Washington State Patrol are investigating what caused Schierman to be involved in two accidents.

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