TarpX — tarp and strap system to secure loads in trucks

We were excited to see an article in The News Tribune.com about a new product on the market called TarpX which is a load control system. TarpX is a product which makes it easy to secure loads in the bed of a pick up truck. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, unsecured loads cause an estimated 25,000 accidents and 100 deaths a year. In Washington State, the State Patrol estimates about 400 accidents a year caused by unsecured loads.

Drivers often do not understand simple laws of physics when they put a load into the back of their pick up truck. They might be transporting furniture or hauling a load of junk to the dump and they don’t always realize they need to secure that load. Often, motorists believe that, when hauling a heavy item like a couch or a refrigerator, the item does not have to be secured because it is too heavy to blow out. However, the momentum of heavy objects shifting in the back of a truck can have disastrous consequences and cause an accident. Sometimes the accident is caused when a load drops and vehicles swerve to avoid whatever dropped and crash. Other times, flying debris can come through a car windshield and severely injure or kill the driver or passengers in the vehicle.

Washington State Vehicle Code RCW 46.61.655 is the statue covering lost or unsecured law. It is also known as “Maria’s law” after Maria Federicci, a who was blinded and suffered severe facial injuries and brain damage in 2004 after a piece of furniture fell off a truck and a piece of particle board came flying through her windshield.

This brings us back to the TarpX, a product designed and distributed by a Tacoma-based company founded by Dan Kinley, Trevor Colby and Mike Walters. The TarpX is an easy to use tarp system with built in anchoring straps. It packs up small, is easy to use and is engineered brilliantly.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or a loved one killed because of the hazard caused by a lost load, you should contact a personal injury attorney to insure your rights are protected.
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