Teach your children school bus safety

Now that school is back in session it is important that parents and teachers teach children school bus safety to prevent accidents when getting on and off of the school bus.

Children need to be taught that school busses have blind spots in a ten foot radius all around the bus and while they can see the bus, the bus drive may not be able to see them. It is important that children be safe when getting on and off the school bus because this is the time when they are at risk of being run over.

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  • Arrive to the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  • Wait for the bus on the same side of the street as the school bus door.
  • Stand six feet, or three giant steps, back from the curb.
  • Use handrails when entering and exiting the bus.
  • Make sure that the student has no drawstrings or loose straps on jackets or backpacks that could get caught on the bus.
  • Upon getting off of the bus, the student should take five giant steps away from the bus.
  • If the child has to cross the street in front of the school bus, they should walk at least five feet in front of the bus and make eye contact with the bus driver.
  • If the child drops something while getting off of the bus, they should not stoop to pick it up.

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