Teen driver convicted of homicide in fatal texting accident

Aaron Deveau, 18, of Massachusetts, was convicted of vehicular homicide, negligently driving a vehicle and texting while driving in the car accident that killed Donald Bowley, 55, and seriously injured his girlfriend, Luz Roman, 59.

Deveau was at the wheel of a car that crossed the centerline in a northeast Massachusetts town and struck Bowley’s car head-on. Bowley died about a month after the accident when he was taken off of life support.

The prosecutor alleged that Deveau was texting shortly before the accident. Deveau denied that he was texting but the prosecutor alleges he had deleted some of the text massages. Records show that Deveau had sent and receive more than 200 text messages on the day of the accident but of course only the messages sent and received directly before the accident are relevant.

Deveau received a two and a half year sentence for vehicular homicide and two years on the texting causing injury charge but he will only serve one year with a suspended sentence suspended for 5 years. He will be prohibited from driving for 15 years.

This case certainly illustrates the consequences of texting and distracted driving. A teenage driver faces a prison sentence, Donald Bowley is dead and his girlfriend has suffered disabling injuries and has suffered the loss of the love and companionship of her boyfriend.

Texting while driving makes a driver 23 times more likely to have a crash and reduces a driver’s reaction time by 35%. That’s why many states, Washington included, have enacted bans on cellular phones while driving.

Washington state, like most all other states prohibits drivers from sending and receiving text messages while operating a motor vehicle. Washington State police are on the lookout for people who break the state’s ban on cell phone use while driving. Besides the texting ban, Washington state also bans all drivers ages 18 and younger to driving using a hands-free device.

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