Teen’s text messaging causes rear-end injury accident in Wenatchee

The Wenatchee World reports that a 16-year-old girl caused a rear-end car accident when she hit a car stopped at a light because she was text messaging at the time.

According to the report, the teenager was driving on Western in Wenatchee after 4pm when she rear-ended the stopped car which then was pushed into the stopped car in front of it.

The teenage driver and her 15-year-old passenger were both taken to Central Washington Hospital complaining of neck pain. The car that was rear-ended contained two teens, a 16-year-old driver and a 17-year-old passenger, and they both went to the hospital complaining of neck pain. The driver of the 3rd car was not injured.

Police will cite the teen for following too closely and driving with a passenger that was not a sibling which is in violation of the teen’s intermediary driver’s license. The police are not going to cite her for RCW 46.61.668 even though she told witnesses that she was texting at the time of the accident.

People who are involved in car accidents, especially a rear-end accident, often complain of neck pain. The common term for this is “whiplash” which describes a hyperflexion/hyperextension injury or a cervical strain/sprain. Often this is a painful injury which requires treatment using ice and heat and physical therapy. If the injury lasts more than 10 days, the condition may be more serious and require a specialist.

It is curious as to why the police did not cite the teenage driver with RCW 46.61.668 which prohibits “Sending, Reading, or Writing a Text Message While Driving.” This vehicle code can impose a $101 fine.

If you believe the car accident you were involved with was caused by the other driver’s negligent use of a cell phone or other device, you should read “What if my accident is caused by someone using a cell phone?” If your injuries are serious, you should contact a personal injury attorney who specializes in car accidents. With the help of a knowledgeable attorney, you may recover compensation for your damages including pain and suffering.

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