Tesla Model S: Safest car ever tested

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has given the Tesla Model S, an electric car, a 5-star safety rating in every category that the vehicle was tested. This makes the Tesla Model S the safest vehicle ever tested by the NHTSA. Read Tesla’s Press Release.

In earning a combined 5.4 star rating, the Model S scored 5 stars in front, side, rear and rollover car accident tests, making it the car in which occupants are least likely to be injured.

One of the advantages of the Model S, as far as safety is concerned, is that it has a longer crumple zone because it does not have a large gasoline engine block.

The Model S can be equipped with children’s seating in the third row and it is equipped with a double bumper with the third-seat option is chosen. Because of the double bumper, the vehicle received a 5 star in rear impact car accident testing. The third row seating is the safest for children in frontal or side impact car accidents.

In rollover accident testing, the testers were unable to make the car roll with normal methods. That is because the car has a low center of gravity because the battery pack is mounted below the floor pan.

The Model S is equipped with eight airbags including a head, knee and pelvis airbags in the front of the vehicle and two side curtain airbags. Other safety features include a rollover crash sensor, third row LATCH attachment for child safety seats, rear door child safety locks, three point driver and front passenger safety belts and secondary lab anchors.

This award is exciting for Tesla Motors, Inc., of California, which was founded in 2003.

Tesla Motors began retail delivery of the Model S in June of 2012.

Besides its safety awards, the Model S has won the 2013 “motor Trend Car of the Year” and the 2013 “World Green Car”.

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