Bellevue installs red light cameras at two intersections along 148th Ave NE

The Bellevue Reporter reports that the city of Bellevue has installed red light cameras at two intersections on 148th Ave NE including at the intersections of Main Street and Bel-Red Road.

The city of Bellevue will issue warnings to offenders until February 2nd and after that, tickets will be issued which will cost motorists $124. The tickets do not count as a moving violation.

Late last year, Bellevue installed speed cameras near Stevenson and Lake Hills Elementary schools. Since installing those cameras, they have seen the number of citations drop for each month. In October, they issued 1,088 citation and in December the number dropped to 732. The police department believes that this is proof that the cameras help modify driver behavior.

Red light and speed cameras have been a contentious issues; A class-action lawsuit against 22 cities — including Bellevue — and camera manufacturers will be heard by U.S. District Court this month.

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