Third of all children killed in motor vehicle accidents were not buckled up

A leading cause of car accident deaths among children was the failure of the child to be buckled up either with a seat belt or a car or booster seat according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Failing to buckle a child up runs the risk of the child being ejected from the vehicle in an accident resulting in serious injury or spinal cord injury and even death.

You probably know that motor vehicle accident injuries are the leading cause of death among children but did you know to what extent that the appropriate infant seat, car seat or booster seat saves lives? According to the CDC, using the appropriate infant seat for children under the age of one cuts the risk of death by 71%. For toddlers between ages 1-4, the risk of death is reduced by 54%. Seat belts for older children and adult reduces the risk of death in a car accident by about 50%.

One disturbing statistic for minority children is the fact that nearly 1 in 2 of black (45) and Hispanic (46%) children who were killed in car accidents 2009-2010 were not buckled up.

The CDC is trying to get the word out to parents and care givers that children should be buckled up in an appropriate seat for every car seat. It is estimated that nationwide, as many as 20% of children are not buckled up properly.

It is important that you have the correct fit for your child’s seat, that it fits your vehicle correctly and that you use it each and every time that you drive.

The following graphic from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows the correct car seat or booster seat by age.
Washington State Seat Belt Laws

Washington state placed a safety seat belt law in effect in 1986. The state considers failing to buckle a child up correctly a primary offense and a police officer can stop a car and a ticket a driver for failing to do so. A driver may be ticketed $124 for failing to buckle up a child age 16 and under. The Washington law also requires children 12 years and younger to be riding in the rear seat of the car if practical and requires children 7 years and younger
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