Tips to avoid driveway back over accidents

One of the most tragic pedestrian accidents are driveway back over accidents in which a family member, friend, or neighbor accidentally backs over and seriously injures or perhaps kills a child. In 2007, there were approximately 2,000 children injured when a car or truck backed over a child and almost 100 deaths. Every year, the numbers are very similar.

Some vehicles come equipped with object detection devices but even with sensory systems like rear view cameras, half of drivers still hit objects behind them. One of the reasons is that each vehicle has blind spots or zones in which drivers do not have clear vision. Minivans, SUVs and pickup trucks have the largest blind spots. Blind spots can also exist in the front of cars and children can be hit and run over when a vehicle pulls forward into a driveway.

Tips to prevent a back over accident:

  • walk completely around your vehicle every time you drive
  • make sure children are in the house and haven’t run outside to say “bye”
  • teach children to never play around vehicles
  • be especially careful at hectic times such as family parties, holidays
  • be extra careful on days when the weather is considered “nice” when neighborhood children are out roller skating, playing and riding their bicycles

Click here for a free brochure with safety tips by the National Safety Council.

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