Truck driver was using cell phone and speeding in accident that killed 11

The Seattle Times reports that Kenneth Laymon, 45, was using his cell phone to send and receive calls right before the accident in Alabama on March 26 that killed Laymon and 10 members of a Mennonite sect that were traveling together to attend a wedding.

According to the report, Laymon was also driving more than 70 mph when he lost control of his tractor-trailer rig, crossed the center line and hit a van carrying the 10 people he killed.

Studies show that when a driver looks at a cell phone or map while driving, they are taking their eyes off of the forward roadway for 4-5 seconds. When driving at speeds of 70mph or more, the vehicle can travel a considerable distance in those 4-5 seconds, thus greatly increasing the chances of an accident like this. It is critically important that motorists keep their eyes on the forward roadway for everyone’s safety.

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